Luzac: a smooth transition from an international education system

Do you want to transfer your child from an international school to the Dutch education system? Luzac is here to help. We are a private school based in 18 cities in the Netherlands. Understanding of the Dutch language is required. If needed we provide extra guidance and offer additional Dutch language lessons to make the transition as smooth as possible.

In addition, your child’s learning goals and development always come first at Luzac. Our personalised learning plan and individual support mean that not only can your child learn in a way that suits them, but we can always keep track of their progress. And thanks to our Cambridge English classes, your child will be well prepared for a future international (school) career. New students are welcome at Luzac throughout the school year.

A personalised learning plan

At Luzac, all students follow a learning pathway that is tailored to their needs, goals and abilities. We provide all the help they need to fulfil their potential, at any level – MAVO (junior general secondary education), HAVO (senior general secondary education) and VWO (pre-university education). If their learning needs change, we immediately adjust their programme. So your child can fulfil their potential at the highest possible level.

Individual support

At Luzac, we are committed to your son’s or daughter’s personal development; we provide the necessary support so that they can flourish into confident young adults. Your child will meet with their learning coach several times a week to discuss how things are going. Together they will set learning goals and work towards achieving them. And if your child needs extra assistance, we take action straight away.

During these conversations, your child will also discover their own strengths and what they enjoy doing. Not only will your son or daughter complete secondary school successfully, but they will also immediately know what they want to do next.

Small classes

We believe in giving our students personal attention. Thanks to our small class sizes, your child is always seen and heard. The teachers have and make time to give your child personal assistance and feedback. This way, we can be sure that your child understands the subject matter and will have the confidence to achieve good grades.

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Our education

The lower secondary school

At Luzac, students only move on to the third year of the MAVO or HAVO/VWO after the second year of lower secondary school. This gives us time to assess your child’s level (MAVO, HAVO or VWO) and it gives students the time and stability they need to develop. We achieve this by having small class sizes (twelve students on average).

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The upper secondary school

The upper secondary school comprises the last two years of MAVO or HAVO education or the last three years of VWO education. It is a legal requirement to offer HAVO and MAVO students six subjects; at Luzac we offer seven as standard. If your child is struggling with a particular subject in the upper secondary school, there is scope for them to drop it.

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Luzac study support

Luzac study support is available for students of all classes. Luzac assists secondary school students with a wide range of issues, such as homework support and tutoring, completing a coursework project, dealing with concentration problems, choosing the right subjects, preparing for school and final exams and facilitating the transition to the Dutch education system.

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Luzac exam training

Exam training is a two-day crash course for the final exams; a bit like an intensive tutoring session, just before the final exam or resit. Together with a small group of students (maximum of twelve) and under the guidance of an experienced and qualified teacher, your child focuses on one exam subject.

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Additional benefits of Luzac

The 2-in-1 exam year

At Luzac, it is possible to do two years in one year, in which the pre-exam year and exam year are combined. If, for example, a student has to repeat the pre-exam year, this acceleration track offers them the opportunity to make up for lost time. The 2-in-1 exam year is also a good option for those students who like a challenge.

Extra time

In addition to the accelerated programme, students can also be given extra time to complete the exam year. In that case, the subjects and exams are spread over several years. This option gives your son or daughter the time they need to get the best out of themselves. It is also an ideal solution for students who play sport or make music at a high level. Whatever your son’s or daughter’s learning needs may be, Luzac offers a learning pathway that suits his or her learning requirements.

Take subjects at a higher level

The road to the diploma is not the same for every student. Together with you, we consider which pathway is most suitable for your child, based on their circumstances, ambitions and wishes. For example, it is also possible to take some subjects at a higher level. After all, why take all subjects at HAVO level if you are capable of completing some subjects at VWO level? If a student then wants to obtain the VWO diploma, they only have to take a few more subjects.

Partial certificates

Does your child need partial certificates in order to be admitted to a follow-up study programme in the Netherlands? That’s no problem at Luzac: here students can follow one or more subjects, each of which concludes with a partial secondary school certificate. This option is available at MAVO, HAVO and VWO level.